ArrayTrack (Non-FDA Network)

ArrayTrack (Non-FDA Network) 3.5

ArrayTrack a microarray database, data analysis & interpretation tool
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ArrayTrack™ provides an integrated solution for managing, analyzing, and interpreting microarray gene expression data. Specifically, ArrayTrack™ is MIAME (Minimum Information About A Microarray Experiment)-supportive for storing both microarray data and experiment parameters associated with a pharmacogenomics or toxicogenomics study. Many statistical and visualization tools are available with ArrayTrack™ which provides a rich collection of functional information about genes, proteins, and pathways for biological interpretation.

The primary emphasis of ArrayTrack™ is the direct linking of analysis results with functional information to facilitate the interaction between the choice of analysis methods and the biological relevance of analysis results. Using ArrayTrack™, users can easily select a statistical method applied to stored microarray data to determine a list of differentially expressed genes. The gene list can then be directly linked to pathways and gene ontology for functional analysis.

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